Site preparation is a key element to every successful air duct cleaning service. Before a job begins, the technician and the home owner shall review and evaluate all aspects of the air duct cleaning process. However, there are some things the homeowner can do to prepare for the service.

Ensure Accessibility


Be sure that all your duct registers and cold air return registers are accessible. Our technicians will need to be able to have enough room to get to all the registers in your home/building. If you have furniture in front of or on top of these, please be sure to move them out of the way when feasible. It is best to have these areas cleared before the technician arrives; as it allows for more time to be devoted towards cleaning the air vent registers, rather than clearing workspaces.


In the bedrooms, you may not have room to move the bed away, but if you strip the bed, our technicians can then take the mattress and box springs off the bed and access the register that way.

Furnace Accessibility

In many homes, the furnace room is also the storage room. Please clear away items from the furnace area so the technicians will have plenty of room to work in. Be sure that there is sufficient lighting in the area, too, especially if your furnace is in an attic or crawl space.

High Traffic Areas/Hallways/Steps

Be sure that your steps and hallways are cleared. Our technicians will be bringing in all the maintenance tools to perform the service. Any items left in these areas could be hazardous.

Children and Family pets

We respectively ask that you ensure the safety of your children and pets as well as our safety by making proper arrangements prior to your service appointment.

Duct cleaning can often be a noisy procedure; children’s ears are very sensitive to loud noises, if possible have children leave the home when the work is performed. If children will be present during the air duct cleaning process, please ensure that they are accounted for at all times during the service, as well as discuss tool, equipment and job site safety procedures with your technician.

If pets are going to be present ducting the air duct cleaning process be sure to instruct the technician what procedures you would like them to take to ensure their safety. If possible, please make proper arrangements for containing your pets while we are in your home, perhaps outside in an enclosed area, or even in a pet carrier. If you intend to leave the home while the duct cleaning is performed, instruct the technician precautionary measures to keep the pets within the home as well as instruction of what to do if the pet escapes.