Furnace Cleaning

A thorough cleaning removes dirt from all areas in your forced air furnace, increases efficiency and prolongs the life of your equipment. As with any mechanical device with moving parts, dust and dirt accelerate wear. Cleaning the blower and motor removes damaging dirt that can reduce the life of the fan. Removing dust overall lessens the chance that it will move through your system and cause parts to fail.

Your technician should inspect your filter, clean or replace it as necessary and advise you on how and when to check the media throughout the heating season.

AC Cleaning

Keeping the air conditioner in the best condition possible is beneficial for everyone in your home. With a clean air conditioner, you can also help to increase the efficiency of it as well. Another benefit is that the indoor air quality will be able to improve. This can make the time you spend in the home more enjoyable and pleasant for everyone in the family. A clean air conditioner can help improve the circulation of the air throughout your home as it operates. It is important to have it regularly maintained. We can inspect the system for any parts that might be starting to wear out and need replacing soon. Without regular inspections, the air conditioner could breakdown at an unexpected and inconvenient time. If you are unsure how often the air conditioner should be checked, contact us. We can help to figure a schedule that is beneficial for the system.


  • Improving your Indoor Air Quality
  • Prolong the life of the System
  • Lower monthly energy costs